Antique and Art Estimates

At Buckhead Fine Restorations we offer two types of Estimates. We charge by the hour and keep our clients abreast of the work by phone, e-mail and digital photos. We keep our clients aware of any changes in the scope of the work so that they are fully a part of the restoration decision making process.

The Photo Guesstimate

This is usually a guesstimate based on a series of photos sent to us via e-mail with an accompanying text describing the damage. In this case, we try to give a sense of cost. Without having the piece in front of us, it is only a ballpark guess. This does, however, give the client some idea of costs.

The Estimate

This is an estimate only. Quite often in restoration we just don’t know for sure the final costs until we start digging in and evaluating the piece. The scope of work can change after looking into it more thouroughly. In an Estimate we may go over or under in costs and we charge accordingly, keeping our client abreast of all work and changes as they happen.

Estimate Charges

Estimates and Quotes completed in Studio are no extra charge to the client. Estimates and Quotes done on site have a separate charge associated with them depending on the amount of time needed to go on site and inspect the pieces.

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