Antique Furniture Refinishing and Finishing


Finishing of Fine and Period Antique Furniture requires detailed knowledge of period finishes and shellacs, polishes and waxes.

We at Buckhead Fine Restorations use finishing techniques learned from years of European apprenticeship and decades of experience finishing all types of fine antiques made from a wide variety of materials.

Most of our wood finishing is hand rubbed French polish or hand buffed wax finish or a delicate combination of the two. We custom blend all of our polishes.  We use seed lac, button lac, garnet, orange and de-waxed blond separately and together as needed to give just the right sheen, depth and color to your period antique.

In some cases an antique may call for a hand rubbed oil varnish finish which we also can apply with fabulous results. Oil varnish has a wonderful rich look and sheen as does French Polish.

As a rule, we refinish only when absolutely necessary: that is when the existing finish is completely deteriorated.  In the vast majority of our finishing work we remove minimal finish being careful to leave age and graceful patina.

A large portion of our finish work is reviving and brightening the existing natural finish by removing years of dirt and grime and allowing the beauty of the noble woods to shine through in full splendor. Our main concern in finish and polish work is leaving the patina and therefore the aged beauty of the piece.

The results of our cleaning, restoration, repair and finishing work are generally amazing - fine antiques that had lost their luster and sparkle are restored not only to their original grace, but often to an even higher level of character and patina that can only come through time and proper conservation.



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